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Additional Joining Info


If you’re here, then you’re intrigued to learn more!

As you’re looking over this information, keep in mind that there is no other company doing what we do.

None. Nada. Zilch.

So it’s really hard to compare us to ‘the other guy.’

The question you should be asking yourself is this… “Is this community, movement, philosophy and vision something that I want to be part of?” 

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then we’d love to have you.

If, however, your answer is ‘No‘ or ‘I don’t know’, then the time probably isn’t right for us to work together… and you’ll never get a hard sales pitch from us because if it’s not right for you, then it absolutely is not going to right for us.

Check out the information contained on these pages and if you’d like to schedule a time to chat, feel free to get on our calendar … or if you’re ready, go ahead and complete the application HERE.

Check out this story Stephanie Lueras, owner of Heart and Sole Fitness and Wellness in Lake Havasu City, AZ and one of our network providers, shared during one of our events on how taking advantage of the business exposure opportunities we provide boosted her SEO and Google analytics driving new clients into her practice:


We have a few qualifications to join our network:

  • An independent healthy living professional; almost every modality is allowed if services and products are legal by Federal standards.  There are a few modalities not allowed that are outside the comfort level of our attorney.  Orgasm therapy is an extreme example.
    • If you are NOT a healthy living professional, but are an independent offering products or services to health & wellness professionals, consumers, or employers, you are also WELCOME to join and participate in all we offer.
  • Must have a legal business name or operate under your own name.  MLM representatives are welcome to apply and participate under the conditions herein but the MLM business name will not be shown for your profile listing.
  • Must be able to set your own pricing and/or offer discounts in order to participate in offering services under our dimensions! Employee Wellness Benefit Plan.  If unable to set your own pricing/discounts, you can still participate in our events and other opportunities for business visibility.
  • Businesses that market to employers (i.e. payroll companies, insurance agents, business supply houses) are welcome to join the network under the same rules.


Why do I have to pay a fee to join… other networks don’t charge!

True, there are plenty of provider networks out there that do not charge you to be on their website… but what are they offering?

If you’re talking about the network of an insurance plan, you’re correct that they do not charge a fee to be in their network. They also don’t compensate your normal retail rates and it can take weeks to process your claim. Plus, they don’t offer additional benefits for being in their network. We understand your critical role in our organization, offer business exposure opportunities, and allow you to set your compensation. Because we do all of this, we believe everyone should have skin in the game.

What is the due diligence process?

When you apply to join our network, we will conduct a background investigation, ensure your business is filed with the Secretary of State, check licenses for disciplinary actions and stipulations, and conduct a reputation review. This process typically takes a few days and we will notify when completed.

What happens next?

Once the due diligence process is complete, we will send you a welcome email with instructions. We want to make sure your profile is as you wish it to be, that you are set up correctly, and help you get a class in our education catalog if that is your wish. This is also a good time to schedule a video interview with our founder, Denise O’Malley, for the YDW… Recorded Library.

I have independent contractors in my practice; how does that work?

Option 1: Sign up collectively under one business name and list all services. You are responsible for ensuring that all in your office are properly licensed, supervised, and you have conducted a background check.  You are also responsible for paying your contractors as we will send all monies for services redeemed through our platform to you.

Option 2: Invite your independent contractors to join separately and have their own listing.

What return on investment can I expect by being in the You Define Wellness network?

What return on investment do you give your clients? Most likely, your response will be “It depends on you.” It’s the clients responsibility to follow advice and recommendations, simply expecting the professional to wave a magic wand and miracles will occur is unrealistic. It’s the same with us. Your return on investment will depend on you. When your profile is complete, if you then sit back and wait to see what happens… very little will happen. If, however, you create a Master Class for the dimensions! Employee Wellness Benefit Plan, record videos for the YDW… Recorded Library, participate in events we create, and share our social media posts, you will receive the greatest exposure and opportunity to attract more clients.

Can I get discounts on wellness services for myself?

PROBABLY! Simply mention to whomever you’re wishing to get services from that you are in the You Define Wellness network too and ask if they offer a discount.

How many employers have the employee benefit plan in my area?

When this question is posed to us we hear… “How soon before I receive clients?” The answer is, “we don’t know.”

Providers in our network receive business exposure and consumers do use our website to find new practitioners. We know this latter fact from emails we’ve received from consumers thanking us for our website or providers sharing with us that someone contacted them.

Between our website, our social media presence, onsite wellness education, and word of mouth, employees of our client companies will learn about you. You can increase your visibility by sharing our social media posts, record videos for our YDW… Recorded Library, and participate in our events.

How much will I earn when I see clients on the dimensions! Employee Wellness Benefit lan by You Define Wellness?

You set your own rates!

How do I change my profile in the Wellness Center?

Once approved, you will access your store dashboard via the user name and password you set on the application.  Changes to products/services may not be instantaneous and require our review.

What should I do if I’m confused?

Take a deep breath, then call or email us! One of the side effects of creating something new is confusion… it happens to everyone from time to time. If you get lost, forget something, or need assistance in any way, call us at 303-222-7168; ext. 700 or email You can also use the Contact Us form on our website.

Additional Joining Info December 1, 2021