A la Carte Wellness

Is Pathways: Wellness@Work more than you need?

All components are available a la carte!

Psssttt... the full Pathways:Wellness@Work option saves you $538 per enrolled employee, per year! If you anticipate having 50+ enrolled employees, special pricing may apply.

Individual Wellbeing Assessment PLUS PathFinder Services

Support employees in their quest for healthy living with our Individual Wellbeing Assessment PLUS one-on-one coaching with one of our certified Wellness PathFinders!  Includes initial and midyear assessment, quarterly coaching, and semi-annual analysis and reports to employer.  All data shared with employer will protect client confidentiality.

$715 per participating employee, per year; billed quarterly.

Individual Healthy Living Services

Wellness isn’t ‘wellness’ if whatever you have committed to is not done on a regular basis… that’s why we encourage monthly healthy living services!  Enrolled employees can select from any service listed on our website; some services require an additional fee due at time of service.

Includes monthly utilization report for employer while ensuring complete confidentiality for the employee.

$102 per participating employee, per month; billed monthly.
Ask about bimonthly or quarterly sessions in lieu of monthly.

Healthy Living Savings Card

Enjoy discounts all month long with the Healthy Living Savings Card by You Define Wellness!

  • It never expires;
  • Can be used unlimited times each month; and,
  • All family members can use it.
$59 per card; one-time fee

Group Wellness Education

Learn from the experts at You Define Wellness with group education!  Perfect for the hour-long lunch-n-learn or longer workshops.

$17 per participating employee, per 45-60 minute class; billed monthly. Maximum per location/occurrence: $250. Some classes may have an additional materials fee.

Employee Survey and Analysis

We have learned something over the years… employees tell us things they would never share with you.  We ask questions about healthy living activities and outside-of-work interests.  Why? So we can tailor and custom design wellness education that will increase participation!

$26 per employee survey returned

Wellness Fair

Whether in-person or virtual, we will coordinate a Wellness Fair for employees, their families, and even your clients.  Every event is custom-designed with speakers and vendors to meet your needs and wishes.

$43 per participating employee, billed in advance of event.

Review of Existing Wellness Benefits

Many employee benefit programs contain wellness benefits… but you may not be aware they exist!  We’ll scour through your benefit programs for these hidden gems and provide you with a consolidated analysis of our findings.  When purchased a la carte, we’ll also provide individualized statements for each employee.

$19 per benefit eligible employee
A la Carte Wellness March 7, 2021