Gifts of Wellness Campaign

We're ready to take You Define Wellness to a new level and we're funding our goal by offering special Gifts of Wellness for a limited time! Check out the packages we've put together just in time for your holiday shopping.

Let me explain what we’re doing.  We’ve decided to do a fundraiser to help get us to the next stage faster and it’s a little bit different.  You can help us get to the next level by giving gifts of wellness – for yourself or someone else.

We’re at an amazing point in our development with 2021 poised to be the major breakout year we thought 2020 would be.  To ensure we get a quick start out of the gate, there are a few things we need to do and that takes additional funding.  We could look at crowdfunding, venture capital investors, or even getting a loan – and we have – but with the people, platforms, and products already in place… our preference is promoting what we’ve already built!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves; let’s share who we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re at first.



Mega Donor: $500

Includes one network provider joining fee for yourself OR as a scholarship to someone who could benefit from what we offer our network providers but perhaps cannot afford to join at this time.

2 Healthy Living Savings Cards plus gift boxes. The Healthy Living Savings Card provides discounts on services & products offered by our network providers, never expires, and can be used by all members of the family an unlimited number of times.

Join our Provider Network OR Fund a Full Scholarship: $397

Join our provider network OR support someone joining our network who may not be able to afford it! One network provider joining fee as a scholarship; you can name the recipient or we will find someone who will appreciate your gift. We have applied a $100 discount off our retail rate.

50% Provider Scholarship: $248.50


Pathways for Individuals: $140

Includes Individual Wellbeing Assessment, 1-hr of one-on-one coaching with a Wellness Pathfinder, and a Healthy Living Savings Card.

2 Healthy Living Savings Cards with gift boxes: $125

Healthy Living Savings Card with a gift box: $75


Friend of You Define Wellness cash donation: You set the amount and we'll use it to help others through scholarships to join our network or services for the underserved.


Hi, I’m Denise O’Malley, and technically I’m the founder of You Define Wellness. I use the word ‘technically’ with purpose as what we’ve created is not a manifestation of my genius… there are many factors that contributed to what is one of the most beautiful creations I’ve been blessed to help grow.

I am a “Reformed” Insurance Agent having served as an executive, insurance agent, and agency owner during my almost 40-year career in the industry.  On December 1, 2015, several factors collided together:

  • I’d had enough and decided to leave the world of insurance… and I did so without a back-up plan.  For the last 10-years in insurance, I worked with optometrists across the county on a vision plan they had created, first as their National Sales Director (#2 in the company) and later as a consultant to multiple state optometrist groups.  This experience gave me the skills to create & price benefit plans, build the claims and administration systems, recruit providers & launch a product in the market.
  • Since 1997, I had listened to employees at their benefit enrollment meetings and knew of their frustrations with benefits that did not cover the activities that kept them healthy and off medical care.
  • I’ve been married for 23-years to my massage therapist husband, Bill, and I listened as his clients explained why they would not sign up for his monthly membership from their checking account, but would in a heartbeat if it could be payroll deducted.

With all of this background, it was in a meditation that I realized what I needed to do… create what has become You Define Wellness: a community of health & wellness professionals through whom we offer an employee benefit program for employer subsidized access to the care you want.  That day, and every day of the five years since, I have felt Divinely Guided and unbelievably grateful to have discovered my purpose and mission.

Even though I’ve done this before I discovered when you’re creating something completely different than what has existed before it takes longer than you expect.  There have been many starts, stops, and detours along our journey and – if I had to do it all over again – I would! In my travels I’ve met some of the most wonderful healers who have guided and shaped who we are today.  As I write these words, it is Thanksgiving morning… and I have such deep gratitude for each of the many who have joined me on this journey.


Our mission – at the very essence of it – is two-fold: to help the individual discover multiple paths to healthy living, and to honor the relationship between the person receiving care and the person giving the care.

Isn’t that the way it should be?

While You Define Wellness is itself very complicated, what we do is really simple.


For healthy living professionals: we provide SUPPORT through COMMUNITY, CONNECTION, COLLABORATION, and opportunities for BUSINESS EXPOSURE


Over the past five years, we have…

  • Built a national network/directory of health & wellness professionals representing more than 100 independent small businesses (with another 130 who have not yet set up their ‘store’ on our website).
  • Built an incredible, interactive website with a robust online Wellness (Resource) Center.
    • Our Wellness Center has hundreds of services listed plus FREE education, articles, videos, and downloads open to public access.
  • We created the Healthy Living Savings Card packed with discounts on 100+ products and services and it’s growing daily!
  • Built an Individual Wellbeing Assessment; a proprietary program to help identify where an individual is today, what their goals are, and work with them to achieve their goals.
    • Launched a certification program for Wellness PathFinders, professionals from our network who can help an individual find and travel their healthy living path.  The Wellness PathFinders are a critical component of the Wellbeing Assessment and the Pathways program (below)

  • We’re getting ready to launch Pathways: A multi-dimensional Wellness @ Work option as a new employer-subsidized benefit program… and there is nothing else out there that comes close to what Pathways offers!
  • Created and delivered a ton of events: a few wellness summits, networking opportunities, virtual wellness experiences, collaboration opportunities, and numerous monthly business education programs for the health & wellness professional community.
  • And these are just the highlights!

Just like most everyone else, 2020 hit us hard just as we were gaining momentum with employers.  All prospecting activities – meetings with corporate decision makers – came to a grinding halt as they dealt with layoffs, working from home, and lost revenue.  Just as that was starting to ease up, suddenly they found themselves in the midst of a cry for diversity, equity and inclusion.  Making wellness program decisions has not been a priority for corporate decision makers for most of this year, although we are starting to see more receptivity.

We didn’t just survive this experience, we actually thrived in that 2020 gave us the opportunity to STOP.  We delivered what we could in terms of support in the community, restructured what worked but needed tweaking, retired what didn’t work, and came out stronger, more focused, and healthier… and did it without a dime of government support or having to acquire a loan.  In fact, we are debt free.

With the exception of adding a few investors several years ago, Bill & I have bootstrapped You Define Wellness since its inception 5 years ago.  While we aren’t losing money, we certainly haven’t made any either and 2020 was to be our breakout year.  Obviously that didn’t happen.

I lamented to a business coach a few months ago that it feels like we’re back at the starting line.  This wise man said, “Yes, you are, but there is one key difference…

… This time you have the people, the platform, and the products.  You are ready for success.”  


As we get ready to move into 2021, we are poised for massive growth.

  • We are working with one of our investors to connect with the self-funded health insurance marketplace.  Employers who fund their company’s medical claims are motivated to discover solutions to reduce medical expenses, and we’re perfectly poised to help.
  • We have the contract in our hands to purchase the Denver, CO chapter license for HR HotSeat.  HR HotSeat has 10-11 chapters nationwide providing FREE mastermind group support for Human Resources staff.  Obtaining the Denver chapter license will allow us to better build relationships with our ideal clients FASTER!  We also have plans to purchase the chapter license for Madison, WI once we have the Denver group set up.
  • In partnership with one of our supporters, we have plans to launch a speakers bureau for health & wellness professionals.  This is a solid partnership that will greatly benefit our network providers.
  • We have re-structured the education and connection programs we offer to health & wellness professionals and are combining them in a container we call Foundations 4 Success.  Using our network providers who are subject matter experts in business and practice management, we will be delivering more in the new year.
    • We anticipate holding a quarterly workshop designed exclusively for health & wellness professionals.


As I reflect during this season of Thanksgiving, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the many who have contributed to our success either by joining our network and/or sales team, participating in our events, sharing our posts, or simply being my friend and a source of encouragement.

Those who know me well know that it is not easy to ask for assistance, but right now I need your help to get us to the next level faster. If we do not raise the funds, we'll still get there but it will take awhile longer.

People need the help that I know we can deliver. Will you help us with our goal?

How the funds will be spent...

When we raise $5,000:

Move our website to a more robust host platform that can handle the complexities and size of what we've built.

Purchase the system we've identified to enable Pathways enrollees to access their account information including individual session usage and for the employer to manage their group account. The system will greatly streamline the monthly invoicing process and adding/deleting employees from their account.

Provide initial funding for a part-time virtual assistant to help with on-boarding our new providers and editing our website.

When we raise $15,000:

All of the above, plus...

Provide a marketing budget for the rollout of Pathways.

Purchase our first HR HotSeat license for metro-Denver to connect and build relationships with Human Resource professionals. HR HotSeat is a free mastermind group that we absolutely love!

Move the part-time virtual assistant to full-time and/or add another VA to help us run HR HotSeat.

When we raise $25,000:

All of the above, plus...

Purchase the HR HotSeat license for Madison, WI now instead of later in 2021!

Provide continued VA funding to manage HR HotSeat, marketing Pathways, and maintaining the website.

When we REALLY hit it out of the park with $100,000 or more, we have a wish list:

All of the above, plus...

Build a proprietary platform to streamline reimbursement and administration functions, and provide a more user-friendly engagement that will help us attract major employers.

Provide seed money to add a National Sales Director.

National membership in human resource associations with funding to sponsor national events they host.

TOTAL RAISED: $1,145.50

From Linda in MN: $397

From Anonymous - Colorado Springs, CO: $248.50

Thanks to this generous donation, we will be awarding a 50% scholarship to a health & wellness professional who wants to join our network but needs financial assistance.

From G. Ryan - Denver, CO: $500

Thanks to this generous donation, we will be awarding one full scholarship or two partial scholarships to a health & wellness professional who wants to join our network but needs financial assistance.

Gifts of Wellness Campaign November 24, 2020

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