12 Steps to Freedom: Step 5 Accountable


Let’s talk about the definition of Accountable:  Subject to having to report, explain, justify, be answerable, and responsible.  How does that sit with you?  Does that sound like torture?  Does this remind you of your past experiences where you judged that you did something wrong, were not up to snuff, or delivered a poor performance?

I felt like I had to be accountable to others’ expectations or they would think less of me, see me as unreliable, less than.  This never made me feel good or empowered me to do my best.  That word became something to fear, something that I had to do, I had to be perfect or I was not good enough, not accountable.

Rhonda Britten, the CEO, and founder of Fearless Living created a new definition of Accountable.  See if this would support you and that accountability could be something you cherished.

“Accountable, a personal choice, to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results. See it, own it, solve it, do it!  Accountability is all about personal choice.”  It is about you choosing to do or not to do what is before you,  The agreement that has been made or the agreement that you are about to make.  This agreement is with yourself or with others the process of choosing is the same.

Tool of the month

Am I making it up, or is it true?

This is one of my favorite tools. I know I say that a lot, yet it is true. This is the first tool I really saw a change in my life. I was making up so many things. I was constantly telling myself that I could not do anything by myself. I would tell myself things like, I was stupid or not enough whatever to be valued and loved by others. I would tell myself all sorts of things. I would even make up stories about what food I didn’t like, fully knowing that I had not ever eaten it. I was determined or should I say my fear was determined for me to be limited and small in the way I saw my life, my abilities, and my power to change my life for the better.

I started to challenge everything I said and ask myself this question. Was I making it up, or was it true? I found that little that I was telling myself was true. I have discovered that even more as time has passed. Now I see a few things as things I could not do. You can feel this way too.

Use this tool in your daily life. Sometimes you may need to say it to yourself 50 times. That is okay. This is a new practice and as you start to challenge what you tell yourself you will become aware of some of the lies fear tells you. You will be surprised by how many there are. Just stay with it. You will discover a clearer you and will be so much more capable of making your dreams a reality.

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