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Achieve a happy, healthy and engaged workforce with....

Available exclusively from You Define Wellness. dimensions! is not insurance nor a replacement for medical insurance.


Turn the struggle of finding programs to support all employees wellbeing into a wellness strategy as unique as each employee's fingerprint.


Healthy employees reduce medical claim costs, and the number of unplanned sick days.


When employees know you care, and receive benefits that matter in their life, they'll become your biggest fans... and stay.

Stop wasting money on


wellness strategies!

Average employee engagement in workplace wellness is

only 24%*!

“The Role of Benefits Engagement in Effective Wellness” by Eric Helman as published by BenefitsPro, 8/10/2016 and based on studies by Rand and Gallup

Isn't that a failing grade?

Imagine the positive impact if....

- You didn't have to dedicate valuable staff time to find wellness programs every month.

- You could better support employees by ensuring they didn't have to find their own way through a life crisis.

- Employee turnover was reduced.

- Employees took fewer unplanned absences reducing the need to scramble to cover their shift.

- Medical claim costs went down. (For self-funded health insurance plans)

- Customers returned over and over again because they enjoyed working with your employees!

Corporate wellness initiatives should support and engage ALL employees, not just the 24% who will say 'Yes!' to whatever you offer. Stop wasting money on discount programs and one-size-fits-all solutions.

Empower employees goal to attain & maintain optimal wellbeing with a program designed just for them!

You say 'Yes' and we do the rest!

(Well, mostly; there is a LITTLE bit of work on your side too)

Level up your workplace wellness program.

A Workplace Wellness strategy that works by following the Process of Change.

Helping employees attain and maintain optimal wellbeing makes good business sense.

dimensions! of Wellbeing

We're all constantly evolving, always striving to unleash the best versions of ourselves. As human beings, we seek balance while we navigate on the paths of life and need the help of professionals to teach us how to be the best we can possibly be; to attain and maintain optimal wellbeing.

This is why we focus on helping our clients find balance within the 8 dimensions! of wellbeing and offer more than 130 different types of services to cover the dimensional spectrum. We have hundreds of vetted independent health & wellness professionals in our global network who are ready to share their passion with your employees!

Featuring Pathways to Wellbeing!

Focused support where employees need help the most!

Coming soon!

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