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We're not just an online provider directory, we do what they don't. When you join our community of independent health & wellness professionals and other ancillary businesses, we give you a custom store, business exposure opportunities, a speakers catalog, special pricing on events... and more!
Oh, there's one more thing we have that other online provider directories do not: inclusion as a provider in an employee benefit program for healthy living!
PLUS... we do not have a monthly or annual fee to remain in our network either! Once you're in, you're in.
Let's talk for a minute about wellness in the workplace; after all, that is - technically - our primary focus.
Many experts will tell you that workplace wellness programs don't work; that they are a waste of an employers money... and they're right (mostly).
Truth is... corporate wellness programs ARE failing.
This is supported with statistics that show an average 24% participation rate. Twenty-four percent... what about the other 76% of employees?
It's no surprise that a respected study found 73% of employees want to make their own health & wellness decisions!
But here IS the surprise...
66% ALSO say they need their employers help FINDING PROGRAMS.
Global Benefits Attitude Survey - 2017, Willis Towers Watson
Corporate wellness is inherently flawed with wellness committee members feeling like mind readers in selecting programs that might engage employees, uses up valuable staff time to coordinate, and delivers options the majority of employees do not want. So why bother?
Corporate wellness is about people risk management! A well thought out program can reduce employee turnover & unplanned absences, create satisfied clients, improve leadership and communication, and reduce medical claim costs. Not mitigating these risks can add up to an evaporation of 20% of gross revenue with employees who are not happy, healthy & thriving!!
We take the guesswork out of corporate wellness with a unique employee benefit program for healthy living.
We focus on...
- delivering individual support to each employee;
- further supporting their goals with monthly access to the healthy living services they want; and,
- group wellness education programs from the experts.
Download our free white paper:
"Three Simple Strategies to Re-Focus Wellness Initiatives"
Not an employer? No problem, we have solutions for you! Visit our Wellness Center for our provider directory, articles, videos, and other resources.

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"Pathways: Wellness @ Work" is a unique employee benefit that combines monthly group education & individual wellness services with a twist... quarterly one-on-one support with one of our Wellness PathFinders! The Individual WellBeing Assessment is included too!
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