We understand the most basic components of wellness are MOVEMENT, EATING healthy, DRINKING water, and getting a good night's SLEEP.
We call that "Getting your daily M.E.D.S."
If it's that easy, then why are so many people not living happy, healthy & thriving lives?

66% in a survey said they need help finding programs that meet THEIR definition of 'Wellness'.

We can help!



You Define Wellness is a diverse community of background vetted healthy living professionals across the USA.

With a network of healthy living experts we can do many things, including...

Deliver Affordable Access to Care Providers

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If you are looking for new ideas to help employees live healthier lives, You Define Wellness is the unique, one-of-a-kind solution you’ve been looking for!

Our employee benefit plan combines access, education & discount savings.


The Healthy Living Savings Card by You Define Wellness provides great savings on products and services that you’re probably paying full price out of your pocket for!

Buy one and share it with your family.  It never expires and can be used countless times in a month!

Provide Education with Our Network of Vetted Professionals

Education at the Workplace or Community Groups

Our vetted network providers are the experts in healthy living… and have created educational programs for the workplace or community groups.

We have dozens of topics available covering all eight dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual and environmental!

Classes are available at your worksite or even via worldwide webinars.

Create Community Resources to Help you Discover New Paths

Online Healthy Living Resource Library

Our network providers are experts in their field, and we want to share them with you! Check out our online resource library with
more than 100 videos with topics ranging from nutrition and relationships to environmental toxins and fitness.

Neighborhood Wellness Experiences
New for 2020!

Meet healthy living practitioners near where you work or live!  We’re putting together small, intimate wellness experiences in neighborhoods where we have clusters of network providers.

Come, experience services, health testing, games, trivia and more from 6-8 network providers.  Each Wellness Experience is different… so visit many!

We are different... and that's a beautiful thing!

Become Part of our Community

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We are passionate about supporting your independent healthy living business!

Joining our network makes smart business sense.  Not only can you create classes for employers to find, but we have programs we’ve created for your clients to have affordable access to through employer subsidized employee benefit programs and discount cards.  No matter the program, YOU control your income.

There is a ton of stuff we offer you.  Click the blue button to learn more!

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