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Live a happy, healthy & thriving life with the Healthy Living & Wellbeing plan from You Define Wellness for individuals, retirees, entrepreneurs and the workplace!

Wellbeing is not a destination, it's a life-long journey... and one where you typically have to find your own way.
We're your GPS!
With the Healthy Living & Wellbeing plan by You Define Wellness, you don't have to walk the path of wellbeing alone... our 300+ vetted independent health & wellness experts are here to guide and support you through education, goal setting, and access to the services, coaching and products you need and want!
Our Healthy Living & Wellbeing plan includes three key components: education, goal setting and support, and access to services. Something we call LEARN It, PLAN It and DO It.

Join us at one of our healthy living events!



Join us monthly for EDUCATION & MOTIVATION workshops plus MASTER CLASSES on a diverse array of topics from fitness & nutrition to financial, relationships, spirituality and more!


Expert PathFinders

It takes qualified guidance to help identify your healthy living path. Our expert Certified Wellness PathFinders can help assess where you're at and point you in the right direction.


Access to Services

Wellness isn't 'wellness' if it's not done on a consistent basis; monthly access to the services you select from our network of providers is the foundation of our programs.

You Define Wellness is not an insurance company nor are our products insurance. You Define Wellness is not a replacement for medical insurance.

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When you have a vetted network with some of the best independent health & wellness professionals from across the globe, it would be a shame to not share their expertise in many ways!

We’ve created an online Wellness (Resource) Center packed with freebies, articles, downloads, and – of course – our provider services. If you are an employer, you'll find in our Wellness Center articles for corporate wellness newsletters, resources for employees, and educational programs.

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Video Education

Since our inception in 2016, we’ve hosted – and recorded – hundreds of talks with our network providers creating a massive educational resource for the community!

Visit our page YDW…. Recorded! to access the multitude of options available when you need a little help from an expert.

In this video library you’ll discover meditations, workouts, self care exercises, and support for every dimension of wellbeing.

Employers and groups are welcome to use our recordings in their communications with credit given to both You Define Wellness and the featured provider.

If you are an independent health & wellness provider of any modality, or you offer a holistic approach to business needs, we invite you to consider joining our network!

We’re not your ho-hum online directory!

We have an active community of professionals who connect and collaborate; we create opportunities for you to get business exposure through the events we host; and,
we’re the ONLY provider directory with a membership plan that supports individuals, retirees, entrepreneurs and the workplace with a benefit plan for healthy living!

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