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"Everything happening in our world today
has one thing in common...
... it impacts our well-being."
Denise O'Malley, Founder of You Define Wellness
Each of us experience the impact of stress from balancing the daily demands life brings us. Stress is not just from negative things, happy events like the birth of a child or marriage can even create stress.
Rarely do we see an entire country - and world - thrown into chaos at the same time like we have in 2020: furloughs, work-from-home, unemployment, children in/not in school, sick family members, unpaid bills, and even racial unrest.
That's why now - more than ever before - taking care of ourselves first is so critical... as we cannot effectively care for others when we, ourselves, are not thriving.

We can help with individual solutions and workplace wellness options!

You Define Wellness is a diverse community of vetted healthy living professionals across the USA with specialization ranging from Acupuncture to Zumba lessons.
Truth be told, we don't have Zumba lessons, but if you want them included we will find someone to teach you!

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Launching in January, 2021... PATHS: A BINGO-style game for healthy living (online). Click the link to learn more and watch as we add activities and prizes that you can win when we kick off on 1/4/2021!
The Individual WellBeing Assessment is revolutionary! Take our online assessment and meet for 1-hr with one of our certified Wellness PathFinders to review your answers and help you get started on your wellness path!
"Pathways: Wellness @ Work" is a unique employee benefit that combines monthly group education & individual wellness services with a twist... quarterly one-on-one support with one of our Wellness PathFinders! The Individual WellBeing Assessment is included too!
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