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We live in a world where every working adult grew up on health insurance. We were taught that when we don’t feel good, go to the provider directory and find an in-network doctor for a low co-payment. Heath care decisions became all about unlimited access and affordability. The greater the network and the lower the cost at time of service, the better.  
Medical insurance is not the end-all, be-all… in fact consumers collectively spend millions of dollars every year on health care not covered by insurance!
Corporate wellness programs are admirable, but they have cracks.  Figuring out what will motivate and engage ALL employees is a losing proposition. Communication is often assigned to an employee who has other responsibilities!
The solution is an individual approach to wellness with a suite of options for employees and a team of professionals available to help guide your team.
That’s You Define Wellness!

Benefits for the Workplace

We have created a community for Human Resource Managers, Wellness Committee Members and Business Owners to EXPERIENCE wellness solutions… a free benefit for our clients! Check it out!  

Three Strategies to Include You Define Wellness! in your Employee Benefits Package:

The You Define Wellness! program complements your existing benefit program like no other by offering access to the alternative & holistic services that are missing from your existing benefit packages. Talk with us about how we can integrate in with your current benefits package.

Competition for good employees is tough and having a stand-out-from-the-crowd benefit program can help you attract and retain key employees!

We have crafted a unique benefits package design – in cooperation with insurance agents – that will attract employees seeking comprehensive benefits… at a competitive price for you. By utilizing currently available employee benefit products in a new way, you can be a stand out employer!

Contact us to schedule an exploratory meeting to see if a unique strategy will work for you.

Each component of the You Define Wellness! program is available independently.

  • Just want employee wellness education programs such as a Lunch-n-Learn? No problem!
  • How about offering our wellness gift cards for employee recognition or client appreciation? We can handle that and even customize them for your business!
  • Like the idea of a monthly wellness program but not include the education? You got it!

Whatever your need, we can handle it.

Non-Profit Healing Partners

We are committed to helping local non-profit organizations who provide free alternative & holistic healthcare to the underserved in our community by sharing profits from unused monthly / bi-monthly wellness sessions and many of our events!

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