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Said by an employee at a recent meeting with the Human Resources staff of a prospective client:

“Wow! An employee benefit program that really feels like a b-e-n-e-f-i-t!”


Most employers make a significant investment of time and money in creating employee benefit packages that will attract and retain employees.
When it comes to ancillary ‘wellness’ benefits like dental, vision, and organized worksite wellness programs, as few as 1/3 of employees may actually use it each year! 
Why?  Employees only use the benefit program when they need it… such as for crisis, trauma or medical emergency.

At You Define Wellness!, we’re changing the benefits paradigm!  


Instead of offering a program for health crisis management, our plan focuses on attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with wellness choices that appeal to each individual employee.
We provide employees guidance and support in selecting wellness options.
We give employees hope and encouragement in finding a wellness path that works for them.


Our concept…
  • is designed to increase employee engagement;
    • provides you (the employer) with financial protection for unused and expired sessions;
      • enhances the benefits package you offer; and,
        • gives you a competitive edge in attracting and retaining staff!  
There is no other employee benefit program that offers what You Define Wellness delivers!

You Define Wellness! is not insurance, and is not a replacement for medical insurance.

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