We have solutions to help pay for the care of choice!

You Define Wellness is not insurance, nor is it a replacement for medical insurance.

We are different... and that's a beautiful thing!

Our concept for the workplace…

  • is designed to increase employee engagement;
    • provides the employer with financial protection for unused and expired sessions;
      • enhances the benefits package currently offered; and,
        • gives employers a competitive edge in attracting and retaining staff!  
There is no other employee benefit program that offers what You Define Wellness delivers!

You Define Wellness! is not insurance, and is not a replacement for medical insurance.

A simple design...

Wellness Education at Work

It takes knowledge to attain and maintain optimum wellness! Select classes created and conducted by the experts… our network providers!

Access to Wellness Services

Wellness isn’t ‘wellness’ if it’s not done on a regular basis. That’s why our plans include individual access to the wellness service of choice.

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Read about our workplace wellness philosophies...

A Letter from our Founder

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